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Sunday, August 02, 2009

long time never post le xD
too busy

just finish adam khoo workshop!!
the three day was tough !

Firsy day:
went up to AVA room at 8am(air-con!!)
first trainer came in
his name is Freddy
some small introduction
and he call XingRong -Singwrong (LOL)
then he divide our class into 2
1 is your mama
1 is the fish is dead (but after that change to the winners)
some ice breaking game
and we won!!!
i'm in the winners
one of the only two boy (with huaiqing)
then after break
the next trainer pamela came
freddy say she keep smiling
but when she came in
she stand infront looking very erious
the whole was stunned
we thought she gonna be funny
then that whole class kept quiet
she said very loudly :HI GUY!!
everyone was shocked by her move
then she taught us some strategy
and 1 thing
"the crazieryou are , the more successful you become"
then she also told us some of her 'story'
and FINALLY 3.15 le
time to go home!!

Second day:
start off with pamela
she continue to teach us the strategy for study
after break
came back Freddy was already here
at first,
he keep saying jock make everyone laugh until stomach pain
but after 2nd break
thing start getting serious
Freddy taught us something about hero
then show us a video of Truddi :
she met a accident and her skin were all burnt
and she was comma for 10 month
and the guy who cause the accident was jailed for 7 year and fined 20k(if i not wrong)
after undergo so many surgery
she still struggling to survive
but in the show
she show the real hero
she say she forgive the man
as he didn't did it on purpose .

By then half of the class break into soberness
and tear just couldn't stop flowing down
then Freddy want us to write about the thing we done wrong
He say in order to be a hero you need to forgive and learn to love
then he give us some time to go around the class to seek forgiveness from people that we had done wrong to
and the scene was very touching
but everyone still sobbing

Last day:
Start off with Pamela again
we played a game of passing marker
after that she continue to teach us about the whole brain note.
after break Freddy come again
this time was even touching.
he let us listen to hero and child(2 incredible song)
then he told us 1 story:
thousand of jeus was kept in a gas chamber during world war 2
the youngest was 16
once a gas is release they will all dead
but they found one little hole on top
and decided to save as many as they can
so stack themself up to allow people to climb up
after the first guy(the 16 year old boy)climb out
the gas was release
and everyone died.
but after the guy was saved
he lead a failure life.

so Freddy ask what will we say to him
most of us say kill him
but Freddy suddenly changed
he starting to shout
shout not like scolding de shout
but too emotional(?)
he asked us
if we say kill him
so we are the 1 out of 2million sperm that go into the egg
why we are in this stat?
everyone kept quiet
then he show us about abortion
and tell us about our parent
and he asked us
imagine if 1 day your parent was died
what will you say to them
once again the class break into soberness
but this time
almost everyone cried
very emotional
some of them share their story with the class
but Freddy also told us some other story about the other

one is he share with the whole class when the parent are present
he guy share the story about his father
he say they wasn't in good relationship
but suddenly the father walked away
so Freddy chase up to ask why he walked away
the father say :this is the best present for me
and then Freddy know that his father got cancer

nect is :
the girl share about his mum
she say she mum talking care of her and her sibling after the divorce
and she say her mum was alway take care of them even thought she is in heaven now

after that went to hall for the last session
some of the people went up to share their story of their parent
and the atmosphere was very touching
even thought i didn't went up
but i just couldn't stop crying for the others
and went back home at 9pm

3:22 PM ; Y UAN

Thursday, July 09, 2009
finally come to update le

this week kinda busy so didn't really even have chance to play
kinda plain but happy birthday celebration
open a bottle of champagne to celebrate =)

you know what??
i just had my mother tongue oral on tuesday
and i think i didn't do well lor
the reading part was okay
i manage to read all word
but for the conversation...

the topic was on plastic surgery
then i was like huh???
didn't even think of the topic lor

i don't really like the new time table
so many double and triple period lor
and i don't like they everyhting also band...
even biology and P.E lor
i was like what the ...

and some banded teacher weird weird de T.T

4:25 PM ; Y UAN

Friday, June 26, 2009

haven being posting for about 2 month le~~
don't really know what to post

i moving house soon
not really sure is when but will be within this year
so sad!!
i miss my house sia
almost everyday come to see my flat sia
so irritating sia
but nevermind
after moving house
i will be able to have my own room le!!!

after moving
my mum will buy me a new laptop
my dad will buy me a new handphone
my brothers will make a new computer specially just for me
one and only in the world

so excited!
but kinda sad too
this house really very nice sia
i miss the disco light,
the marble floor,
the DVD player,
and of course my WARDROBE !!
because it is blue colour de!!!

and funny can online again!!
due to some reason i go do stupid thing
in the end
end up 2 week couldn't use computer sia

and i realise something
recently alot people either cut away their long hair or reborn hair or not both sia
is it the lastest trend??
out of my 10 girls de friend
got about 5 to 6 reborned their hair
and got about 4 cut away their long hair sia

i go watch TV show le

7:07 PM ; Y UAN

Friday, April 10, 2009
i think i just show some picture
as picture speak a thousand word

5 april:
went back to school(sunday) to camp for the SYF~~
after fall in, set up instrument, set up chair,tuning,
mr sim come~~

practice here and there

then finally it time for us to go SCH for rehearsal
everyone still trying their best to practice while waiting for the bus to arrival

finally reach SCH
and we spend 2 hour there rehearsing ~~

go back school after that for dinner and de brief for that night
went to sleep at about 10.30

but most of the guy couldn't realy sleep
and everyone was like flipping left and right
trying to find a comfort position to sleep at the crowded place
finally fall asleep~~~

during combine~

trying to practice while waiting
rehearsal in SCH
alumni who went there to support us
waiting for dinner
after bathing
waiting for debrief

take some photo before light out~

6 april:
wake up at about 4am by their stupid laughter

went to bath and get ready for breakfast
after breakfast , everyone went back to band room for tuning and last practice before SYF

go to SCH for our SYF(might be my last one le)
after SYF , went back to school for debrief

after that ,
go to causeway to eat with mr sim and some other band member
finally, home sweet home
5am take photo with ah boy
while waiting for breakfast


while everyone is eating their lunch~

eating with band member + mr sim

10:43 AM ; Y UAN

Saturday, April 04, 2009
it's being a long time since i last post
it's being a very tired month
practicing almost every day
now mouth kinda falling apart
tahan a few more day jiu okay le

monday will be our SYF day!!!
must chiong arh
trying to aim for something more yellow-ish
but is the lighter version de

(i think most people won't understand ba)

there will be a band camp from sunday to monday to prepare for SYF
kinda excited but not, at the same time
excited is because i can have another bandcamp before stand down
but not , is because i might get enough rest
and cant concentrate well

i got to go pack my bag for camp le
hope to get the award we longing for

before i offline
i want to thanks sthilda and KCP for coming to support us
we will do our best de

4:15 PM ; Y UAN

Sunday, March 22, 2009
(me the top left corner guy)
(danial is sleeping while handing on the case and holding on to the pole)
(more photo will come)
have a normal saturday BAND practice
and i woke up late....
but HENG SIA!!!
i'm not late for band =)

set up everything

then mr sim come
watch the Jocuri video
and discuss about the movement and intonation
abit more tuning here and there
and i'm really trying my best to do well
but my mouth don't allow me to do so xD
my mouth damn tired sia
i think is from the last few day where i keep practicing
until my mouth will feel pain will i bite the mouthpiece
and my jaw was like dropping (from the vigorous tonguing)

practice and practice
today the BAND tried plying without score and still sound okay in the music room

after that ,
we move out to the corridor because the choir want to use the room
and we tried something that look very fun but in fact not really
cause the tempo and sound all very messy
so in the end,
everyone move down to the parade square and form a big circle to play
and mr sim ask us to play overturn no.1 while walking in the big circle
but kinda messy xD
then Jocuri
and mr sim want us to move when we stay still and play
and he want us to move and feel the music
if's difficult for me to play
when my mouth is in this state and my bass clarinet is abit short for my mouth to reach
and i have to bend down while supporting the bass clarinet with my leg

after that sectional
but didn't really practice much in sectional
cause i want to rest my mouth!

after that ,
bus down to tampines
(and shirly took some photo in the bus)
and we are stuck at tampines
as where dunnoe how to go after alight
in the end we decided to cab down to st hilda
and we wasted 15 minutes waiting for cab sia

reach there where they are having combine
so paiseh xD
practice their song with them
and of course
alot of nice song~~

after that,
went back to causeway to KFC with them
and they are really crazy man!!!
sot liao~~
and finally
home sweet home

might be going again ~~
really happy la~

12:40 AM ; Y UAN

i'm back~~

recently just came back from the BAND camp(17march~18march 2009)
it will be my late BAND camp as a normal member le T.T
kinda sad ,
cause i'm stepping down after SYF !!
so fast sia
still remember:
sec2 - SYF, Genting competition,N7 Cluster competition
sec3 - SIBF,N7 Cluster competition
sec4 - SYF(soon)
and i'm stepping down 3 day after SYF

i still miss the time the BAND ,
work hard together
play together
laugh together
practice together
go out together

and now,
i have to move on to the next part of my journey
and BAND is the best part of my secondary school life
i will miss you guy de!!
(haven step down already talk so much)

really wish that i can get 1 really light yellowish shiny award before i leave the BAND
and i will really leave the stage with no regret
must work hard JIAYOU!!!

12:32 AM ; Y UAN

Sunday, March 15, 2009
finally get the time to post again~~~
flooded with homework, band, exam and of cos school carnival(10th year celebration)
really busy

and you know what
holiday 1week(7day)
we have to spent 5 day for band(2 day 1 night camp,3 day normal practice) and 1 day for physics SPA(practical )

and i'm flooded with 2 chinese compo , 1 eng compo, 1 eng compre , 1 FULL maths worksheet, 1 FULL a.maths worksheet, 1 chem workcheet , bio ten year series , geog workbook and research , 1 social studies worksheet

and holiday = homework + practice ...

and i didn't really do well for this term
failed 3 subject

because during common test,
i concentrate too much on my sciences and i really pass it
but i didn't have much time to study my maths
and i failed both maths T.T
kinda disappointed
but for english, still okay
cause my class only 2 or 3 pass english
but my class ranking still okay
better than my secondary 3 de
but still not really up to standard!!!

11:27 AM ; Y UAN

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